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The Burj Al Arab at Blue Hour

The Burj Al Arab at Blue Hour.

The Burj Al Arab at Blue Hour.

This is a shot from the photowalk that I mentioned in the earlier post. It depicts the Burj Al Arab Hotel at blue hour, taken from the Jumeirah Beach.

Picture specifications – F/22, 15 s exposure, 39 mm focal length.

I will soon be uploading pictures from the ghost town and marina shoots that I went on recently.




A Star in Time

Star of light,
Star of time,
Shooting past a barren sky,
Like a shepherd’s torch
In a desert land,
Approaching the depths of the world.
Fearless, blazing,
Fire within, raging.
A spectacle to behold
The eternals are told.

And when the light goes out,
A door is shut.
A part of this world,
Damp and cold, withers.
The winds moan,
The animals groan,
The sea cries,
But, with time, the sorrow dies.

And then the sun comes out.
Brevity is awakened.
Its short slumber, disturbed.
The flowers laugh,
The rivers race,
The world is back on track.



A Memory in the Rain

The sun rises,
The clouds burst,
Amidst the mist,
A memory churns,
Into the rain
It is hurled.
And then it beams into the sky,
Behind the mountain of joy.
The rain cedes
But leaves behind,
The seeds of a dream.

I clicked this photograph from the window of our car, in the German countryside. I have edited it to give it a prophetic look.
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The Ghost Writer

The ghost is back, back to complete the unfinished story of his life, back to conquer his quest, back to realize his goal, back to put pencil to paper, back to awaken the world. The ghost writer has descended.

For more of my photography, visit my Instagram: himanshusahay