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Photograph or Painting?


This is a photograph I had clicked atop the magnificent Nëushwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany (whose photograph I have posted here). The picture encompasses the entire view from the castle and resembles an ancient landscape replete with greenery. The edit makes it look even more magical with lush green meadows and a lake far along. What really works up an observer’s mind is the question: ‘Is this a photograph or a painting?’



Author: himanshusahay23

I am a 17-year old Indian student in Dubai, preparing for my transition to college in the United States this year. I am fanatically in love with cars, Manchester United, mathematics and crime fiction. Most of my articles have been written in odd places like washrooms and school buses, hope you like 'em! Cheers!

7 thoughts on “Photograph or Painting?

  1. Just letting you know, I nominated you for an award!!!!!

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