Bullet in a Maelstrom

The Largest Rodent

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Newport Beach Blues


Here are some pictures I took (with the exception of the portrait of me) on my recent trip to Newport Beach, RI. The sun was out and it was a beautiful fall day. Please leave your comments and opinions at the end of the post!IMG_2270-1 IMG_2262-1IMG_2303-1-bwIMG_2290-1


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The Burj Al Arab at Blue Hour

The Burj Al Arab at Blue Hour.

The Burj Al Arab at Blue Hour.

This is a shot from the photowalk that I mentioned in the earlier post. It depicts the Burj Al Arab Hotel at blue hour, taken from the Jumeirah Beach.

Picture specifications – F/22, 15 s exposure, 39 mm focal length.

I will soon be uploading pictures from the ghost town and marina shoots that I went on recently.


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Automobile Internship – 04/16/2013

Today, was a fun day at work!

In the morning, I underwent training in air intake systems with my trainer, Jishar. He explained the theoretical aspects of the topic first, then showed me an entire air intake system that was detached from a car and kept in the back office. About a hour and a half of training later, I went to the workshop.

The first car on the agenda was a beautiful white BMW 750Li. It required new spark plugs and a routine oil change. I thoroughly enjoyed working on a car like this, after nearly two weeks of working on Peugeots. Sixen and I completed this job my lunchtime and were well on schedule for a few more tasks.

After lunch, I returned to work on a Peugeot 308. It was a rather simple job requiring a change in the variable solenoid of the car. Soon, I completed it and headed to the control room.

There, I found the job order card for a Peugeot RCZ sports car and quickly snapped it up. The recent rains had created havoc in its engine compartment. We performed repairs on it’s turbo and changed its fuse box. Finally, we changed the engine oil. This job took much longer than expected. Thereafter, I performed Global Tests on two Peugeot 207s and called it a day.

On the way home, I spotted two sweet little classics in a public parking lot, just the right way to top off the day!

I will leave you now, with some pictures from today.

20130416-064413 PM.jpg

The Beemer 750Li. I opened it all up!

20130416-064446 PM.jpg

Sure looks odd in a workshop full of hatchbacks.

20130416-064457 PM.jpg

Under the 750’s hood.

20130416-064522 PM.jpg

The classic Mercedes that I spotted on the way home.

20130416-064528 PM.jpg

This Pontiac complemented the Merc.

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Tranquility in a Death Camp

The road goes on
The sky is infinite
Trees dot the skyline
An image of tranquility
In the middle of a death camp.

Photograph taken at the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany.
Check out both the edits!



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#cloudporn is a popular hashtag on Instagram, which refers to a picture which portrays an exquisite array of clouds in the sky. A recent attempt of mine, resulted in the following picture. It shows a scene of the sun setting through the clouds while seen through a gap between buildings. Tell me what you think!

20120819-085720 PM.jpg

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A Star in Time

Star of light,
Star of time,
Shooting past a barren sky,
Like a shepherd’s torch
In a desert land,
Approaching the depths of the world.
Fearless, blazing,
Fire within, raging.
A spectacle to behold
The eternals are told.

And when the light goes out,
A door is shut.
A part of this world,
Damp and cold, withers.
The winds moan,
The animals groan,
The sea cries,
But, with time, the sorrow dies.

And then the sun comes out.
Brevity is awakened.
Its short slumber, disturbed.
The flowers laugh,
The rivers race,
The world is back on track.



My First Poem!

Hey guys! This is a poem I had written last year for my English assignment at school. Incidently, it is also the first poem I wrote. I had posted it to my first blog TheCarManiac, but it was virtually unread there. So, I decided to reblog it onto this blog, primarily due to the great response I received from you guys on O Snake of Trepidity. Thank you so much for that!
The link to the original post is here: http://thecarmaniac.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/age-with-grace/


  We ascend the steps of life, ever hoping to stay young.

The laws of nature defy our hopes, but we go marching on and on…

Gracefully we age, gracefully we cease,

This journey of life, matures yet another seed.




Here we go, us mortal beings, 

Trudging on life’s path, beating the odds, adding feathers to our ever growing cap.

And when it all ends, gracefully we fall as a leaf in the wind.


The psalm of life, whether in the morning, whether in twilight,

Gives a joy beyond all worth.

With grace we live all our life, age no bar.

Relent to your plight, not a chance.




Happily live life to the nine, 

Happiness in your deeds, happiness in your words.

Young at heart, that’s all that counts.

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