Bullet in a Maelstrom

The Largest Rodent



Milestones set in stone.
They say, go down this way or perish alone,
Without this path, you’ll stay frail.
Forget they do, that grassy trail,
That had seen its last traveller in brocades
And will see it’s next one in shades.
This isn’t the road not taken,
‘Tis the trailblazer’s haven.

20130214-103138 AM.jpg

This photograph was taken at the Dachau concentration camp, Germany in May 2012.

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A Memory in the Rain

The sun rises,
The clouds burst,
Amidst the mist,
A memory churns,
Into the rain
It is hurled.
And then it beams into the sky,
Behind the mountain of joy.
The rain cedes
But leaves behind,
The seeds of a dream.

I clicked this photograph from the window of our car, in the German countryside. I have edited it to give it a prophetic look.
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The Ghost Writer

The ghost is back, back to complete the unfinished story of his life, back to conquer his quest, back to realize his goal, back to put pencil to paper, back to awaken the world. The ghost writer has descended.

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Miracles Do Happen

Miracles do happen, don’t they? Well, I wouldn’t be one to judge, and the science fraternity will certainly disown me if I go around spreading such ‘misinformation’. But on a deeper note, how many of us have witnessed things in life that somehow go beyond the realms of rational thought? The answer is, few and far between. But ask any one of these people and he/she will say that miracles do happen, in one form or another. Now a miracle may be as small as finding a lost item in a totally unwarranted place when it could easily have been lost to the forces of nature, as has been my case, or it could be as big as the mystifying recovery of a loved one, from a life-threatening situation.
Science dictates the prevalence of reason over philosophy, but what if the situation in question cannot be explained by science? What if science has no answer to a real world happening? These thoughts ought to be pondered upon.
Being a student of the technicalities of science, I would be going against my subject if I said that science is not all-consuming. But there you go, the mystic elements of nature continue to baffle and elude the minds of us rationalisers. I think some secrets are best untold.