Bullet in a Maelstrom

The Largest Rodent

Sunset Against the Burj Al Arab


Here’s a picture of the sun setting behind the Burj Al Arab, the most expensive and only 7-star hotel in the world. The scenery around depicts the Jumeirah Beach and the houses on the Palm Jumeirah in the background.

20121010-064605 PM.jpg

For more of my photography, visit my Instagram account @himanshusahay . To buy prints of my photographs, visit http://instacanv.as/himanshusahay or http://himanshu-sahay.instaprints.com


Author: himanshusahay23

I am a 17-year old Indian student in Dubai, preparing for my transition to college in the United States this year. I am fanatically in love with cars, Manchester United, mathematics and crime fiction. Most of my articles have been written in odd places like washrooms and school buses, hope you like 'em! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Sunset Against the Burj Al Arab

  1. Now its time to pressurize ur dad for a dSLR……..

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