Bullet in a Maelstrom

The Largest Rodent



Milestones set in stone.
They say, go down this way or perish alone,
Without this path, you’ll stay frail.
Forget they do, that grassy trail,
That had seen its last traveller in brocades
And will see it’s next one in shades.
This isn’t the road not taken,
‘Tis the trailblazer’s haven.

20130214-103138 AM.jpg

This photograph was taken at the Dachau concentration camp, Germany in May 2012.

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Tranquility in a Death Camp

The road goes on
The sky is infinite
Trees dot the skyline
An image of tranquility
In the middle of a death camp.

Photograph taken at the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany.
Check out both the edits!



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A Star in Time

Star of light,
Star of time,
Shooting past a barren sky,
Like a shepherd’s torch
In a desert land,
Approaching the depths of the world.
Fearless, blazing,
Fire within, raging.
A spectacle to behold
The eternals are told.

And when the light goes out,
A door is shut.
A part of this world,
Damp and cold, withers.
The winds moan,
The animals groan,
The sea cries,
But, with time, the sorrow dies.

And then the sun comes out.
Brevity is awakened.
Its short slumber, disturbed.
The flowers laugh,
The rivers race,
The world is back on track.



A Memory in the Rain

The sun rises,
The clouds burst,
Amidst the mist,
A memory churns,
Into the rain
It is hurled.
And then it beams into the sky,
Behind the mountain of joy.
The rain cedes
But leaves behind,
The seeds of a dream.

I clicked this photograph from the window of our car, in the German countryside. I have edited it to give it a prophetic look.
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My First Poem!

Hey guys! This is a poem I had written last year for my English assignment at school. Incidently, it is also the first poem I wrote. I had posted it to my first blog TheCarManiac, but it was virtually unread there. So, I decided to reblog it onto this blog, primarily due to the great response I received from you guys on O Snake of Trepidity. Thank you so much for that!
The link to the original post is here: http://thecarmaniac.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/age-with-grace/


  We ascend the steps of life, ever hoping to stay young.

The laws of nature defy our hopes, but we go marching on and on…

Gracefully we age, gracefully we cease,

This journey of life, matures yet another seed.




Here we go, us mortal beings, 

Trudging on life’s path, beating the odds, adding feathers to our ever growing cap.

And when it all ends, gracefully we fall as a leaf in the wind.


The psalm of life, whether in the morning, whether in twilight,

Gives a joy beyond all worth.

With grace we live all our life, age no bar.

Relent to your plight, not a chance.




Happily live life to the nine, 

Happiness in your deeds, happiness in your words.

Young at heart, that’s all that counts.

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O Snake of Trepidity

She seethes and secretes,
We pull up our sheets.
We fear her might,
Her poison dark as night.
We know not that our footsteps
Scare her to dregs.
While we sleep in beds,
She curls up in empty kegs.
And so ends another day
Of fear and dismay.
I write this for thee,
Thy glorious and free.
O snake of clemency,
Why dost thou live in recreancy?