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What Next For Anonymous?


Anonymous, the world famous group of loosely linked hacktivists around the world, is now asking Twitter users via one of its several accounts as to which sites it should hack. After the shutdown of the FBI, DOJ, Universal Music, The American Nazi Party and several other websites, the group is now looking for suggestions from the public. It is reported that it may even look to hack Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, despite the fact that it communicates to the world through these 3 sites.
After the shutdown of Megaupload, a new wave of hacking has begun, for the good of people, in which the so called ‘hacktivists’ hack websites of organisations that they think are doing injustice with the people of the world.
Many affiliate groups of Anonymous have also sprung up, such as SolSec, which recently hacked the Russian official website http://www.russia.org.sg and the website of the Russian Embassy in India.
With also this action, one can only look forward to a global cyber revolution in the near future, the wheels of which have already been set in motion by Anonymous.


Author: himanshusahay23

I am a 17-year old Indian student in Dubai, preparing for my transition to college in the United States this year. I am fanatically in love with cars, Manchester United, mathematics and crime fiction. Most of my articles have been written in odd places like washrooms and school buses, hope you like 'em! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “What Next For Anonymous?

  1. This is incredible! I have twitter and regularly visit anonymous pages but there is so many its hard to follow them all! Cheers mate!

  2. Very cool article! Keep it up!

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